Adult Scouters

Adult Religious Emblems

To encourage members to grow stronger in their faith, many religious groups have instituted programs that enable adults that mentor youth to earn a religious emblem. Scouting America has approved of these programs and allows the emblems to be worn on leaders’ official uniforms. However, the emblems are awarded through the various religious organizations rather than the BSA. The Archdioceses of Chicago, Catholic Committee on Scouting annually nominates and awards the two following adult awards:

  • The Bronze Pelican Award: This emblem is granted to those adults who have achieved and exhibited a balance between religious and scouting activities in their work with the youth of Scouting. Bronze Pelican Award
  • The St. George Emblem:  This emblem is the highest honor that ACCCS can bestow on adults. The emblem recognizes the adult recipient’s outstanding contribution to the spiritual development of Catholic youth in the program of Scouting America. St George nomination form