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Ad Altare Dei Religious Emblem

The purpose of the Ad Altare Dei (to the altar of God) emblem program is to help Scouts of the Roman Catholic Rite develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith community. The program is organized in chapters based on the seven sacraments. The seven Sacraments are a primary means toward spiritual growth. Note: To begin working on this award you must have completed the 6th Grade. Ages 13 or 14 years old. Be active in the Troop for at least 6 months.

Introducing the Ad Altare Dei Youth Manual Electronic Version

Eligibility and requirements


Light of Life Religious Emblem

Designed for Scouts BSA, 12 -13 years old. 

The purpose of the Light is Life emblem program is to help Scouts of the Eastern Catholic Rites develop a fully Christian way of life in the faith community. Light is Life respects the cultural and ritual differences among the various Eastern Rite Catholic Churches. The Light is Life program is to be used by Eastern-rite Catholic Scouts instead of the Ad Altare Dei program. It is not appropriate to work on both programs.

  • Scouts in Eastern-rite Catholic Churches are to work on Light is Life rather than the Ad Altare Dei emblem.

Eligibility and requirements


Pope Pius XII Religious Emblem

The purpose of the Pope Pius XII emblem program is to help Scouts explore vocations (single, married, religious, ordained) and ministries in the Church as calls from God. It includes youth led discussions on current issues facing the Church and society, which are normally included as part of a Pope Pius XII retreat or day of recollection.

Designed for young people who are 15 or 16-years-old, but all registered Venturers and Sea Scouts before their 21st birthday and all registered Scouts BSA in high school before their 18th birthday may participate.

Eligibility and requirements




Pillars of Faith Recognition:

The purpose of the Pillars of Faith program is to provide a special recognition to those youth in Scouting who have earned all four of the Catholic Religious Emblems. Very few Scouts earn the Eagle Rank, and even fewer earn a Religious Emblem of their faith.  Earning all four Religious Emblems is a monumental feat and demonstrates tremendous commitment to their Catholic Faith. The Pillars of Faith Program- Duty to God Pin recognizes these Scouts.

The name and design of the award represent the fact that the four Religious Emblems, one for each program are like pillars, supporting the Scouts’ development in and appreciation of their religious faith. The Religious Emblems are the pillars, not the roof, for none of us are ever done growing in our faith. The design also includes the Church, the Bible, the Cross, other essential elements in faith. The pin can be worn on the scout uniform or as a lapel pin on non-scouting attire.

Pillars of Faith Overview: Overview

Pillars of Faith Application:Application